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About me

Alyzeh Ashraff

I'm Alyzeh. I'm a Los Angeles/New York City based yoga instructor and photographer fascinated by fitness, movement and culture. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I quickly fell in love with both fitness and photography through my environment.  Through my experiences of moving to Columbus, Ohio and New York City, I have met some of my greatest influencers who have helped shape my passions for both yoga and visual art.  

For me, both yoga and photography are opportunities for expression through physical and visual language. This language, be it physical or visual, is a way to communicate, understand and explore. Whether I am teaching a yoga class or behind the lens, my purpose is to empower others with creativity and awareness. 

Previously, I worked within the marketing and product development departments for The Walt Disney Company, Dreamworks Animation, Paramount Studios and Limited Brands. My experience at these studios and companies have exposed me a to a variety of markets strengthening my intuitiveness for branding and trends. 

It is all a part of my nature and has lead me to this point. 

Photographs help tell my story. Movement is what I crave.


Certified 200 Hour Teacher Training with Josie Schweitzer at Thank Yoga Studio in Columbus, Ohio

3 Month Mentorship with Jennifer Jones at New Love City in Brooklyn, New York



"I had an amazing experience working with Alyzeh and was so happy to witness her passion for photography. She captured some phenomenal shots that came out so very artistic and engaging. It was amazing to work with her because she is a great leader behind the camera. Her ability to give direction and confidence in knowing what she wanted out of the shot shows in the finished product. Alyzeh's energy was also so supportive and empowering and that really helped me relax and enjoy the shoot."

- Monica Pirani, photography client Brooklyn, New York 


"Alyzeh has a certain kind of presence. She comes in a small package, but leaves a huge mark. Her passion for the practice, and art of sequencing vinyasa yoga is evident in her teaching. Not only does she deliver a fun and invigorating flow, she puts her heart in it. And that's the thing about Alyzeh, her heart is always in whatever she does. If you want a dose of reality, I suggest you connect in some way with this babe." 

- Josie Schweitzer, Alyzeh's Yoga Mentor 


"Alyzeh is full of spunk and energy, which pours out into her classes. She speaks with a confidence that makes you feel empowered and I promise that her enthusiasm will almost make you forget how hard you're working! Her genuine love for the practice of yoga and overall fitness make her classes a joy for beginner and experienced yogi alike. 

Plus the beats are always dope." 

- Erica Bailey, Student Columbus, Ohio


"I've attended Alyzeh's classes at New Love City in Greenpoint and have had a great experience. The classes are relaxed with a great work out flow. They help you elevate and release tension from your daily grind. I can feel every step work through my body with each breath. I feel amazing after class, light as a feather and ready to take on anything." 

- Ornela Qorri, Student Brooklyn, New York 


"Alyzeh is meant to teach yoga, but if she wasn’t teaching she could easily be a DJ. She’s got this gorgeous melody in her voice and her sequences always have perfect timing with her music. Flowing in Alyzeh’s classes feels effortless, like dancing. Her classes are the perfect blend of work and play, effort and ease. "

- Arielle Siniapkin, Student Brooklyn, New York