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HYFN WELLBEING: zain shauk from dream harvest

Our second feature for HYFN Well-being is up and live! I chatted with my homie Zain Shauk about his viewpoints on healthy eating and his experience in the hydroponic farming industry. Check it out! 


A look into the sold out Swet Shop Boys and Anik Khan show at Webster Hall in NYC

Swet Shop Boys just wrapped up their US Tour but if you didn't get a chance to catch them live we got you covered with our latest feature on HYFN!

Ali and I had a blast capturing the NYC Webster Hall show which also featured our main man Anik Khan! 



My first feature with HYFN Wellbeing - many more to come! 

I strive to be a representative and a voice for the brown community  - especially within the fitness and wellness industry. I joined and partnered with HYFN a few months ago as a contributor to help build that voice and community for brown individuals within fitness/wellness.  Check out our first feature for the HYFN Wellbeing series with Rachna Govani from Foodstand - a dope app that helps you modify your eating habits.